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Episode 8 – We Must begin to Create Positive Energy while Healing! TRAUMATIZED

This is a necessary step along our journey to healing from our trauma and moving forward with our lives. If we do not find a way to create, hold and spread out the positive energy day to day the healing process will be a lot more difficult, stressful and decreased our chances of truly finding peace with our past. Yes, this is difficult to achieve and healing from the abuse we suffered at the hands of our Abuser, the narcissist, the psychopath, the one we continue to fall back on instead of changing our patterns. In order to get to our goal of healing, recovery and finding our peace with our past we have to find that positive energy!, create our own destiny! Take care of ourselves, do what is best for us and never waver! create our boundaries and make sure people respect and abide by them. We are the only ones who can truly decide if we really want to heal from our Trauma, our CPTSD! you need to make the tough choices and start the positive vibe now! otherwise you'll keep failing and falling deeper down that hole. Twitter – @TRAUMATIZEDpc traumatizedpodcast2023@gmail.com http://www.traumatizedpodcast.link — Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/traumatized/message
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